Material Care

We at M Y R R H share a deep sense of ownership for the products we produce. Over time, like how our bodies hide scars and bruises, so do raw materials. With each wear and tear a piece of jewellery sustains, enfolds a story behind them, and with it, a new chapter to be explored. 

With this, here are some tips to care for your M Y R R H product:

  • To ensure your M Y R R H product maintains its quality, we recommend wearing them as often as you can, oils in your skin help prevent tarnishing (varies according to your body chemistry).
  • Keep jewellery away from liquids such as water or soap to prevent deterioration of the product. Ensure any perfumes or lotions used on the skin is completely absorbed before accessorising.
  • Lastly and most importantly, do not leave jewellery with anyone else but yourselves. Our products have been picked out by you, and are made for you, carry them as you would an emblem of your identity.